Friday, 27 August 2010

Friendship Hotel

After an hour drive we arrive at the Beijing Friendship Hotel. This hotel is absolutely HUGE - it is like its own mini village with an onsite leisure centre with swimming pool and mini supermarket, imagine 5 Hotels in one that are all connected via a crystal maze. There are over 6 Dinning halls, Not only are there other Karate Athletes but also athletes and coaches from all of the other Martial Arts from Sumo, Kendo, Wushu, Kickboxing and Ju Jitsu. Upon arrival i am handed a pack that contains all the details about the event. And a dog tag that grants me access all areas to all the competition venues.
So obviously straight away i am planning to work out which other competitions that i will be able to watch. We also have the opening ceremony tomorrow evening so that should be impressive.
I am a little shocked when i find out that i am sharing with another athlete from a different country. I spoke to a few athletes form the other Karate countries and no one was aware that this was the situation. Funny how the WKF kept that on the down low???
As i have logged on i dont have access to Facebook or Twitter!!! RUBBISH! i knew that China blocked out a few social network sites but come on Facebook is really the internet now. I have even had problems uploading to this blog as i keep getting kicked out :(.

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