Saturday, 28 August 2010

Food pt2

Up at the crack of dawn - 7:30 to train in the University gardens - nice and light but with stretching and trying to loosen off the jet lag. I managed to sleep fine last night however Greg did not.

10 Mins of skipping and then a Punching Drill and Kicking Drill - my legs feel really heavy today but Greg assures me that this is the Jet lag and my body is still waiting to adjust.

Breakfast is a Feast and a half - we are directed to one of the many resturants and the hotel has put on a beautiful breakfast spread - you imagine it - they have it. From Fruit to all different types of breads to chinese cuisine to a chef customising your omellets for you to and all English Breakfast. Even though i am dieting Greg is making the most of the food. What i find is really suprising is how nice all of the other Athletes are to each other. All Martial Arts eat together. You never really appreciate what body types are suited for which martial arts until you see them. There were some guys who are here to compete in Sumo and Sambo ( Russian Wrestling) that make Karate heavy weights look like babies.

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